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Nepal Teaching Centre

Nepal Teaching Centre - Urban Design NZ

Urban design has been asked to help out and do some design/ concept drawings in conjunction with one of our building partners, court construction.

We have worked along side Cameron and Tracey court who run court construction for a number of years and were blown away by there generosity in going to help fundraise over 60k in helping build a new teaching centre in Nepal. They are taking their 3 children and some of there work force to build the centre early next year.

Having travelled through Nepal some years ago, and having seen the poverty and lack of any sort of decent schooling we at urban design jumped at the chance to help out.  We have decided to donate our time to the drawing side of the process along with a sum of money to help with there incredible generosity.

Please look at the link below for more information, you can help buy some building bags for the construction

To cam, trace, rubie, samara and wilco, what an incredible thing to set out to do, we wish you the very very best at your goal of raising the 60k and hope you enjoy your trip.

Our plan to help First Steps Himalaya: Training and improvement in teaching standards is the key to bringing about positive change in these schools. Court Construction Ltd and First Steps Himalaya plan to build an Earth bag Education and Training Centre, which will become a leading training hub for early childhood and school teachers from around the region.

Why an Earth Bag building? Earth bag building is a unique eco friendly method of construction well suited to community projects. They can be built simply and quickly with readily available components, for a low cost. Not only are earth bag buildings virtually earthquake proof, but they can be constructed using local, natural materials, which lowers the high level of pollution commonly associated with the manufacture and transportation of bricks.

How you can help: We plan to raise NZ$60,000 to cover the construction, fit out and running costs of the new building. But we can’t do it without your help.

Website: www.firststepshimalaya.org